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:: 1x01 Pilot
:: 1x02 There Is No Normal Anymore
:: 1x03 A Bright New Day
:: 1x04 It's Only the Beginning
:: 1x05 Welcome to the War
:: 1x06 Pound of Flesh
:: 1x07 John May
:: 1x08 We Can't Win
:: 1x09 Heretic´s Fork
:: 1x10 Hearts and Minds
:: 1x11 Fruition
:: 1x12 Red Sky


1x10 "Hearts and Minds"

[Herz und Verstand]

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Morris Chestnut (Ryan Nichols)
Joel Gretsch (Father Jack Landry)
Logan Huffman (Tyler Evans)
Scott Wolf (Chad Decker)
Morena Baccarin (Anna)
Laura Vandervoort (Lisa)
Lourdes Benedicto (Valerie Stevens)
Elizabeth Mitchell (Erica Evans)

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