The Original Series

:: Staffel Eins
:: Staffel Zwei
:: Staffel Drei

:: 2x01 Amok time
:: 2x02 Who mourns for adonais
:: 2x03 The changeling
:: 2x04 Mirror, mirror
:: 2x05 The apple
:: 2x06 The doomsday machine
:: 2x07 Catspaw
:: 2x08 I, Mudd
:: 2x09 Metamorphosis
:: 2x10 Journey to babel
:: 2x11 Friday's child
:: 2x12 The deadly years
:: 2x13 Obsessions
:: 2x14 Wolf in the fold
:: 2x15 The trouble with Tribbles
:: 2x16 The gamesters of Triskelion
:: 2x17 A piece of the action
:: 2x18 The immunity syndrom
:: 2x19 A private little war
:: 2x20 Return to tomorrow
:: 2x21 Patterns of force
:: 2x22 By any other name
:: 2x23 The omega glory
:: 2x24 The ultimate computer
:: 2x25 Bread and circuses
:: 2x26 Assignment: earth


2x12 "The deadly years"

[Wie schnell die Zeit vergeht]

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William Shatner (James Tiberius Kirk)
Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock)
DeForest Kelley (Dr. Leonard McCoy)
James Doohan (Montgomery Scott)
George Takei (Hikaru Sulu)
Nichelle Nichols (Nyota Uhura)
Walter Koenig (Pavel Andreievich Chekov)

Charles Drake (Commodore George Stocker)
Sarah Marshall (Dr. Janet Wallace)
Majel Barrett (Christine Chapel)
Felix Locher (Robert Johnson)
Carolyn Nelson (Yeoman Doris Atkins)
Laura Wood (Elaine Johnson)
Beverly Washburn (Lt. Arlene Galway)